Verizon Acquires Apple iPhone, Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Verizon Acquires Apple iPhone, Just In Time For Valentine's Day

It has finally happened: Verizon has the iPhone. Beginning February 10th, they will provide service and sell everyone’s favorite gadget along with long-time provider AT&T.

The Phones Will Be The Same.

The phones will retail for $199—the same price found at AT&T. According to last year’s Consumer Reports, Verizon has the country’s top network quality, while AT&T has the least impressive; analysts expect that Verizon will sell as many as 13 million iPhones just this year, thanks to potential users reluctant to engage with AT&T. But are they placing too much faith in Verizon’s customer loyalty?

High Expectations For Verizon.

Verizon’s acquisition has been a top-secret, two-year project awaiting the expiration of AT&T’s exclusive deal with Apple. As to the difference between the networks, AT&T admits that it didn’t expect the influx of users and demand placed on its networks and that the lack of foresight led to spotty service. But Verizon claims that they’ve learned from AT&T’s mistakes and that they have the infrastructure in place to support every user who rushes to exchange her iPhone. We’re not all iPhone users, so you tell us: Would you switch your iPhone’s carrier (or join the iPhone ranks) now that Verizon’s on the scene?


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