Unemployed? Beat Depression With These Tips


We’re thrilled to have more SavvySugar wisdom here at LearnVest!

In our interview with Stefanie Michaels a.k.a. Adventure Girl, the travel and tweeting expert shared a great tip on how to get out from an unemployment funk. Here it is:

I try and tell people to instead of focusing on the “me,” the “I,” the “oh my god, what’s happening to me,” they need to realize that there’s a lot of people out there that need support, not necessarily financial. There’s a lot of charities out there that had to let their staff go, because of the financial environment, and they could use a helping hand.

I have a lot of friends who are unemployed, and I always tell them, “Go find a charity you want to work with.” It keeps their day busy, and they’re actually thinking of ways to incorporate their past knowledge and career to help other people. They’re almost reinventing themselves by reaching out into the community. I’m saying this because I have this girlfriend with a huge production company and she was let go and she’s like, “My days are so lonely, I’m so bored, and people are busy.” She loves animals so I said, “Why don’t you donate your time to an animal rescue.” She’s now thinking of another business that attaches to this — where she’s using her production value and what she learned producing TV shows and internet stuff into what she can create in the animal world. That’s something that’s completely diverse and I think sometimes when you get out into the world, you reinvent yourself, which is exactly what I had to do. I reinvented myself from being a travel writer into a social media person.

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  • Sitch907

    It’s super admirable when people make the commitment to charity work… a friend of mine was unemployed when she graduated college, but spent her time volunteering in at least three different places. I was so impressed!

  • Elh9

    how do i pay for gas, food,rent, pads, tootpaste etc in the lean time?

  • Commenter

    These are good tips for people who are ‘down’ about being unemployed, but depression itself is a serious illness not a funk. I think it’s important to separate the two, as someone with a depressed condition can find themselves unable to brush their teeth, dress or shower, let alone leave the house, socialise and so forth.