Time-Saving Routines for a Good Morning

Time-Saving Routines for a Good Morning

Though most adults are morning people, it doesn't mean that mornings can't still be tough, from missing keys to left-behind yoga gear to the occasional spilled latte. We all would appreciate a few extra minutes in the morning, to make sure we are facing the day looking pulled together.

Here's how to make it work:

Plan Your Wardrobe

Christina Anderson, Online Fashion Editor at Lucky Magazine, makes the classic move of laying out her outfit the night before. "I do this because I have two kids and there is no time in the morning for sartorial wavering. The night before, I lay out everything—even my underwear and shoes—and steam whatever is wrinkled to make sure it's ready to go." We recommend that you plan a day ahead, and if possible, a week in advance. Check the weather forecast and consider your events for the week. If you can work a few key pieces throughout the week, all the better to simplify your routine. And this way, you won't be stuck discovering you need dry cleaning last minute, or wishing you'd saved a great dress for a work party Thursday night when you already wore it to a meeting on Tuesday.

Think Beauty and Accessories

We're big believers in experimenting with beauty and accessories to constantly keep looks interesting. Basic foundational wardrobe pieces like a black shift or jeans and a grey cashmere sweater can look completely different if you change up your accessories, makeup, and hair--and reworking the latter can take a lot less brainwork in the morning than putting together a whole new outfit.  Our friends in fashion have been known to wear the same dress or top a couple times a week--but when they're sporting a sleek ponytail with scarlet red matte lips one day, and shimmery eyes with a bejeweled statement necklace the next, no one's noticing the clothes.  If you like to dress to your mood, leave the last few minutes of your morning to play with some accessories and see how they take your look in the direction you want for the day.

5-Minute Makeup Routine

We spoke to Trae Bodge, makeup artist, author, and co-founder of Three Custom Color Specialists, who laid out a quick morning makeup routine. First, make sure that your makeup collection is up-to-date. Then, get your morning routine down:

Moisturize face and eye area (remember to use SPF), and let it dry for at least two minutes before applying makeup.  Use this time to throw on your clothes.
Expert Pick: Neutrogena Ageless Restoratives Anti-Oxidant Moisture

Use a creamy concealer, preferably a versatile one that can be used all over the face. Put it around the eyes, nose, and any other areas that require concealing.
Expert Pick: Three Custom Color Specialists Cream Concealer Foundation

Set with a translucent powder.
Expert Pick: Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation, Translucent

Brighten cheeks and lips with a multi-functional tint.
Expert Pick: Any of 100% Pure peachy tints

Apply a neutral shadow from upper lashes to brow bone.
Expert Pick: Eye Shadow – Jemma Kidd “Elle” or “Vogue”

Run a soft liner pencil along the outer two-thirds of your lash line.
Expert Pick: Eye Liner – Clinique “Egyptian” or “Black Diamond”

Apply one or two coats of mascara.
Expert Pick: Mascara – Almay One Coat in “Black” or “Black/Brown”


Work your eye and lip color with your accessories and look for the day.  Grab your keys, phone, wallet, bag, and you're out the door and set to conquer the world.  At least, until tomorrow morning.


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