PowerBalance Wristbands Improve Gullibility, If Not Balance

PowerBalance Wristbands Improve Gullibility, If Not Balance

The success of PowerBalance wristbands—plastic bracelets that claim to improve the wearer’s balance, strength, and flexibility—is baffling. And we can’t be the only ones who think so. For everyone who has ever scoffed at a PowerBalance ad or endorsement (see one HERE), we have news: They’re fake.

PowerBalance Retracted Its Claims

The company issued a statement in the Australian media due to pressure from European consumer associations (where were the Americans in this?) stating clearly that “there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims,” and that what they have been doing is decidedly against established trade regulations.

Is There Any Use To The Wristbands?

In reading about the demise of PowerBalance, we couldn’t help but wonder: Could wearing the wristbands actually make a difference in your strength? Hear us out. Through researching yesterday’s Daily, we already know that lucky charms are proven to work simply because of their psychological effects. When wearing the wristband, a product that reminds you of your fitness pursuits every time you catch sight of it, would you be in fact motivated to work harder, to care more, and to improve your strength and balance physically as a result? Much like aspirational magazine cutouts of bikini-clad models are used for diet motivation, maybe a bright red band would keep the wearer’s mind on the goal, and adjust her behavior accordingly.

Not Worth The Money

Musings about psychological and physical side-effects aside, the unusual honesty exhibited by PowerBalance fuels our fire of skepticism. There are plenty of free ways to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility (see: exercise) without making credit-card payments. Certainly, the wristbands appeared to be a shortcut, but shortcuts are too good to be true. And things that are too good to be true… aren’t.


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