New Year, New You: Meet Our Power Commenters

New Year, New You: Meet Our Power Commenters

Now that we have a brand-new website, it’s time to turn our attention to our incredible LearnVest community. Your input, your emails, and especially your comments help us make LV better every day, and we would like to say thanks.

Meet Our Power Commenters

In our new Power Commenters program, we’ll be profiling commenters with the biggest presence on our site. Whether compliments or criticism, we take into account every comment left on the site. And after hearing your thoughts about us, we want to hear more about you.

You Can Be A Power Commenter

Becoming a Power Commenter is easy: Create a username (for free, of course) with a valid email address and keep commenting under that same name. Feel free to comment whenever, however, and on whatever you would like… as long as you keep it clean. We look forward to hearing more from you, and then more about you as a Power Commenter. Commenters are the brave souls who throw us props and admonitions, corrections and affection—without commenters, we wouldn't be the community we all know and love. In honor of the new year, we'd like to recognize four of our best Power Commenters, brave souls who aren't afraid to frequently add their voices to the LV discussions on a wide variety of articles. These awesome readers caught our attention through their funny, frugal, and fantastic comments, and we wouldn't be the same without them. Meet our Power Commenters, in their own words...because whose could be better?


altJackie is a young professional living in Albany, NY looking for her next big break. She currently works an event coordinator and is finishing up her master’s degree in communications at The College of Saint Rose. She specializes in writing, sports journalism, social media, public relations, and is looking to start a blog with friends about the struggles of being a modern-day 20-something. Jackie is an avid sports fan, enjoys spending time with friends, and is interested in women’s issues. As a proud alumna of Auburn University, Jackie plans on using her degree in English to work in public relations. She suffers from a self-diagnosed phobia of numbers, which is why she loves LearnVest and uses the site to help organize her finances.


Marie, Power CommenterMarie works in the communications field in the Washington, D.C. area. Her professionalinterests include writing, web usability, website analytics, and social networking. In her free time, Marie enjoys cooking, exercising, and volunteering as an ESL teacher. The transition from full-time student to young professional inspired a passion for personal finance; her favorite topics are psychology of money, budgeting, frugality, and money etiquette. She has been a fan of LearnVest since spring 2010 and is excited to watch the LearnVest website and the LV community continue to grow and develop.


altKodemonki is a software engineer and user experience analyst in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who is currently focusing on paying off grad school as she goes, in addition to managing a mortgage while trying to travel the world. Current goals include moving to cash for everyday expenses and only using her credit card for gas and scheduled payments such as internet and insurance. She hopes to start a kayak rental shop and maybe a hostel in the next 20 years. Though she has recently started spending more on items of higher quality, the skill of doing more with less and saving more than she earns has helped her accomplish a number of financial goals. She has the following travel tip for readers: Central America is reasonable to get to, won’t cause jet lag (if you’re from the U.S.), is cheap to insure, and nearly free to lodge. Do your research on safety, and check out the Lonely Planet books.

Ashley Burton

altAshley Burton is a 22-year-old college senior majoring in Hospitality, Recreation & Resort Management and graduating April 30, 2011, debt-free. She has paid off two student loans and put herself through college in four years while holding three to five jobs at a time, along with a great deal of scholarship money. She's also made sure to take advantage of a well-rounded college experience, which has included traveling and an opportunity to study abroad. Her mother often stressed living debt-free and finding balance, and she needed a resource that was both interactive and went beyond the surface to help her make the transition from college to the workforce. "I found LearnVest, which I feel was tailored just for me," she says. She is also proud to say that not only is she a first generation college student (soon to be graduate!), but she had a 730 credit score and a Roth IRA all at the ripe age of 21! Want to be featured as a Power Commenter and have the ability to share your story, passions, and the resources that matter to you with the LV community? It's easy: Just keep commenting!


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