Keep Those Resolutions By Creating A Savvy Home Office

Keep Those Resolutions By Creating A Savvy Home Office

The universal problem with New Year's resolutions? Follow through. After pledging to make real changes in our everyday lives, resolving to welcome the year with only the best versions of ourselves, somehow, not even a full month into the new year, we see it all slip away.

So, for this coming year, in order to see these resolutions all the way through, create a work space at home that will motivate and equip you to do the work you're setting out to accomplish in 2011.

Even with the best intentions to weed through your finances, balance your checkbook, and manage your 401(k) during your downtime, you might waste all your free time if your space for financial planning is on the couch, while catching up on your Netflix queue. Instead, if you're really setting out to do work, you need a real work space to get things done. Set up a part of your apartment or house that feels like a workplace. Designate a small space for a desk and the materials you'll need to make good on all of your resolutions, including a filing system and a detailed calendar.

For savvy tips on setting up your own workspace and focusing on those resolutions, check out the entire article at SavvySugar! CLICK HERE.


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