Drew Barrymore Buys Montecito Estate

Drew Barrymore Buys Montecito Estate

Apparently Drew Barrymore has decided to upgrade from her four-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills. Our friends over at celebrity real estate news spot Realestalker report that Barrymore, who has lived in the Hills for nearly a decade, just bought a 6,000-square-foot mansion in Montecito, one of California’s most beautiful areas.

Drew Believed The Press

Optimists (including me) would tell you that now is a decent time to buy, and apparently the actress believes it. And she’s no first-time buyer. No word on whether she paid cash or is taking a mortgage. Neighbors? Well, when you have two acres of land, like Drew does, there’s nobody exactly nearby, but Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bridges both have pads not too far off.

The Specs

We love Drew because she’s so down-to-earth—Radar Online mentioned that she had been spotted house-hunting “in her funky, slightly beat-up older car.” Accordingly, she bought a sensible house, with a guest wing that contains two bedrooms and an office, a traditional-looking wood-paneled living room with fireplace, and four garage bays. There’s a little guest house off the main house, some dressing space off the master bedroom, and there are built-in bookcases everywhere. Looks like there are at least five bedrooms and a possible sixth.

The Aesthetics

But like Drew, the new house is beautiful, too. The place has a striking glassed-in porch that serves as a long and luxurious sunroom. Further blurring inside and out (oh, to have great California weather!) the formal dining room has a large paned picture window so that the flowers outside seem part of the room. There’s a bedroom fireplace (gotta love those) and simply gorgeous grounds for connecting with nature. The property itself is dotted with oaks and hydrangeas, as well as having areas of rolling lawn.

A LearnVester At Heart

Best of all, we hear she didn’t pay list price, but got the house for nearly 20% off list. Remember, buyers, that’s one of the most important rules: Bid what you are willing to pay for a property, not necessarily what the seller is trying to charge for it!


Image Credit: Bob Lamborn Real Estate


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