7 Quick Recipes Under $15: From Goulash To Falafel To Pulled Pork

Every year we promise ourselves that we’ll cook more in an effort to eat healthier and save on restaurant dining, but it’s not our fault that we have a palate for fine cuisine. Boxed spaghetti simply won’t do any longer.

With at least one solid blizzard already behind us, we’re craving delicious, savory food that helps us leave our snow-slogged apartment behind. Inspired by exotic flavors ranging from the Middle East to Mexico to Eastern Europe, we’ve compiled our favorite far-out dishes to warm up the winter.

All of these dishes cost under $15 and take less than about 30 minutes of active preparation time. Although many of them require significantly longer to simmer or bake, there’s plenty that you can do during passive time. We’ll understand if you catch up on phone calls to old friends rather than updating your budget. While you’re at it, invite those friends over for some osso bucco or vegetarian dahl.

Check out the recipes that will have you dreaming in savory cumin for all of next week.

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  • Elizabeth

    Can you post instructions for cooking these recipes in a slow cooker? Seems like they’d be the perfect candidates for my new crock pot!

    • DG

      Elizabeth,nKeep your eyes on my posts. I will be doing one soon about converting recipes to crock pots. If you’re interested in a singular recipe, go to my bio and to my website and make a specific request, I’d be thrilled to fulfill it before the slow cooker post. Enjoy your new toy!

  • JJR

    Falafel, yum! Osso bucco, not so much. I don’t think I’m brave enough to deal with that…

    • DG

      JJR- Braising- the method you use to make osso bucco may look tough, but it’s really painless. What do you fear? I’ll talk you through! nnAnd falafel is one of the easiest thing I’ve ever made-bonus: just pennies per dinner

  • Kate

    The veggie dahl recipe just says ’6 cloves’. Cloves of what?

  • Steph M

    I’d like to see the slow cooker recipes as well! Looking forward to it!! Thanks Deborah! :+)n

  • LAMR

    Could I get a cal count too? I’m trying to whittle my waist… and thigh and arms. Whittling every where really.

  • CarolineML

    More cheap vegetarian recipes would be great! The ones here sound fabulous, but there aren’t many and more and more people are either vegetarian/vegan or “going veggie.”