11 Money Links We Love (1/14/11)

11 Money Links We Love (1/14/11)

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. She started $23,000 in debt, but she's extricating herself with a budget. Or a diet. Or a fast. Either way, she has a plan. (And Then She Saved)

2. One underemployed, would-be hire turned down a job offer. Find out why he did it. (Bundle)

3. Prizes! We love prizes. You should go win some. (The Digerati Life)

4. Is it immoral not to report all of your income? (Budgets Are Sexy)

5. 9 Ways To Knock The Socks Off Your Landlord. (Divine Caroline)

6. (Almost) everyone's getting a raise this year... here's what to do with yours. (SavvySugar)

7. FYI: Huge sale this weekend at Old Navy! (The Budget Fashionista)

8. Don't you just wish someone would find the 20 best posts among all of the gems at Credit Karma? Done. (Credit Karma)

9. What does it mean when an ETF "jumps the track?" (My Journey To Millions)

10. If you're unsure what you want or where you're going (financially or otherwise), start here. (Life After College)

11. If a disparaging remark about Gen Y causes you personal offense, you'll want to weigh in on this debate. (20s Money)


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