Vengeful Wikileaks Supporters Shut Down MasterCard Website

Vengeful Wikileaks Supporters Shut Down MasterCard Website

The MasterCard website has been down for some time now, and Wikileaks supporters are being credited for the severe technical difficulties. MasterCard account holders, take note.

And So, Wikileaks Becomes Our Problem

While it may have appeared, to those of us outside of the government, that the Wikileaks disclosure of confidential government information and the ensuing pursuit and arrest of founder Julian Assange was more interesting story than life-changing event, its effects have started to trickle down.

MasterCard Cut Ties, Angered Supporters

The apparent rationale behind its trouble is that MasterCard, which used to process Wikileaks donations, severed its ties with the website this week. In protest (much like steps taken against various legal organizations and banks that participated in targeting Assange), loyal hackers are showing their support by “knocking offline websites seen as hostile to Wikileaks,” according to the Huffington Post.

Battle Lines Are Unclear

For those of us irritably trying to access our MasterCard accounts online, it’s obvious that fans of Wikileaks are making life harder. But an entire movement of Wikileaks supporters has swelled across the internet, including the requisite Facebook group. Pushing aside Assange’s sex crimes charges for a minute, and focusing instead on the Wikileaks data dump, it appears that we’re once again wrapped in shades of gray. On the one hand, Wikileaks supporters are rather noble in their quest for truth and their conveniently techno-savvy loyalty. On the other, Wikileaks has compromised international government information and perhaps doesn’t deserve such rabid support. Who is the good guy here?


Image Credit: TopNews


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