10 New Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

It’s no secret that shopping for gifts for friends, family, loved ones, and coworkers can be seriously costly and time-consuming. But, traditions have to start somewhere, and breaking the cycle is actually easier than you might think. Instead of standing in line at the mall, spending time shopping online, or wrapping and shipping gifts, consider starting some new traditions this year. We bring you insight from the LearnVest community—we love some of our users’ smart and funny traditions that help them with their money and remember the true value of the holidays.

These new traditions are more likely to unite you with your loved ones than that pair of slippers would, we swear.

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Tell us in the comments: This is an open list—add your favorite holiday traditions as well!

  • Chargaile

    My husband and I spend the night at our daughters house and keep our 3 grandsons so she and her husband can get away for a special night together and a couple of days to get some shopping done without the children. This is our gift to them instead of a monetary gift when we really can’t afford it and it is extra special for them. Charlotte Askew

    • Corynne Steindler

      I love that! I always feels like gifts which allow someone to live their life better are the best. It’s probably a gift to you as well to spend time with your grandchildren — everyone wins.

  • Tiff

    I can attest that gifts on Jan 5 are just as good as gifts on Dec 25 b/c my birthday is Jan 4!