Online Gift Cards Are Lower Cost, Same Balance

Online Gift Cards Are Lower Cost, Same Balance

We’ve already established that gift cards are quickly losing their reputation as the go-to gift for the inept gifter. On the whole, they’re incredibly well-received by those tired of well-meant socks and snow globes. But, as with anything, gift cards can get expensive. And, as with anything, there’s a way to get them more cheaply.

Head Online For Discounted Gift Cards

That place is the web. Websites like PlasticJungle and Swapagift are great go-to sites when you’re on a gift card kick. PlasticJungle offers cards from about 400 retailers with discounted balances. Swapagift has access to about 200 stores, and sells their discounted cards through The Wall Street Journal points out that gift cards are also available on online marketplaces such as Craigslist, but that there’s no way to verify their balances. From the Journal:

The gift cards typically are sold to [] by consumers who don't have any use for them and most cards are unused or partially used. Bruce Bower, Plastic Jungle's CEO, says the site pays on average 80% of a card's value and then sells it at a 10% discount.

Our takeaway: Five minutes online can free up some holiday cash—so make your five minutes count.


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