New Website Jumo Makes Philanthropy More Than A Tax Deduction

New Website Jumo Makes Philanthropy More Than A Tax Deduction

In 2009, $300 billion was donated to charities. Only 6% of that money was submitted online.

Jumo Is The Facebook Of Charities

But Chris Hughes, Facebook founder and online pioneer, is looking to change that. Mr. Hughes is creating a new social networking site called Jumo, which will allow users to connect to charities and social causes individually, through a series of online profiles. Mr. Hughes insists that Jumo will be different from sites like Facebook Causes and Global Giving in that its primary purpose isn’t to solicit donations. Instead, he’s looking to “organize a network of volunteers into a successful political force and apply them to a much broader universe of causes and issues.” Hopefully, this political force will make its connection monetary as well as symbolic.

Personal Connection Is Valuable

From The New York Times:

The more connected that individual is to an issue they care about, the higher probability there is they will stay involved over a longer period of time,” Mr. Hughes said.

To start, the Jumo site was seeded with more than 3,000 issues and groups. But “anyone with a social mission can create a page,” said Mr. Hughes, who thinks Jumo could become a simple way for smaller charities to establish a social media presence.

How Much Will You Give?

As anyone who has been approached by an earnest college student clutching a clipboard can attest, charitable causes often have trouble striking a balance between being appealing and being massive guilt-trips. While there are few people who don’t see value in the multitudes of worthy causes, there are also few who can afford to finance every cause that comes their way. That’s why ways to support causes that don’t make us open our wallets (shout-out to The Hunger Site and FreeRice!) are so appealing. Jumo, in theory, appears to serve this mission—we can spread the word about our favorite charities and monitor their activity while giving as little of ourselves as possible. Huh. The scale might be tipping toward guilt-trip… where’s our wallet?

Tell us in the comments: Do you have a pet charity? Even better, do you know any charities, like FreeRice, that you can help without paying?


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