What Money Experts Want for Christmas

What Money Experts Want for Christmas

We go to these experts for help with personal finances, but don't forget, money gurus celebrate holidays and have Christmas wants just like us! They do it all — from advising us on 401ks, budgeting, and all that good personal finance stuff, to creating awesome Christmas wish lists.

The gift-giving holiday is coming up shortly, so if you're doing that mad scramble for last-minute gifts, check out our great suggestions.


Cameron Huddleston, the contributing editor of Kiplinger.com who writes the daily Kip Tips column, says:

I haven't even thought about what I would want for Christmas — until now — because my husband and I don't give each other gifts. As a personal finance writer, I figure there are better uses for our money. But, of course, there's a long list of things I would love to have.

In my dream world, I would ask for a personal assistant to handle all the tasks I feel like I never have time for because I work full time and have two young kids.

For more gift wishes from awesome money experts (including our very own Alexa von Tobel!) check out the post at SavvySugar.


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