Keep Return Policies Straight With This Handy Chart

Keep Return Policies Straight With This Handy Chart

Rebates and return policies on our electronics are great…until we actually try to return something. Then it turns out that we’re outside the window of acceptable returns. Or we don’t have the right paperwork.

Or our chosen vendor doesn’t have this return policy—we were thinking of a different store. But we’ll never think of a different store again after finding this chart from LaptopMag.

Watch Those Rebates

The return policies of 18 retailers are spelled out for us (in our favorite way: chart!) and the accompanying article tackles the social dilemma of giving an electronic gift with a rebate, and how cashing in that rebate will affect the recipient if she wants to return or exchange the gift. The verdict, from LaptopMag, is instant rebates:

First, determine what the rebate is giving you back. Whether it’s cash, store credit, or an accessory, make sure it’s something you or the gift receiver can actually use.

Second, how easy is it for you to reclaim your cash? Look for instant rebates instead of mail-in ones. Manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo often feature instant rebates or “instant savings” above and beyond typical percentage markdowns, putting many systems that might be just beyond your budget back into range.

Check Out The Chart

And now for the best chart—we mean part. The best part.



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