From Bieber To Blackberry Apps, Google Zeitgeist 2010 Sums Up Our Searches

From Bieber To Blackberry Apps, Google Zeitgeist 2010 Sums Up Our Searches

Feel free to interpret the Google Zeitgeist 2010—the series of lists showing our most-searched-for terms of this year—as a window into the American mind, a social commentary from one of the most connected companies in the country, or an opportunity to mock the searches of your fellow countrymen (Justin Beiber, you make it too easy). We’ll issue the following thought on the Zeitgeist: It’s really, really cool.

2010 In 2:54

Everyone loves lists (like this list of gifts, and this list of ways to save money during the holidays, ta-da!), and we’re no exception. This year, there’s even a video. Behold:

Google published lists for its fastest rising searches (we’ll pretend chatroulette doesn’t top that one), and fastest falling (swine flu,  new moon). There are subcategories for sports, consumer electronics, maps, translations, health questions, entertainment, food, and people. And then, there are the strangest searches of the year: “Why are Americans afraid of dragons?”

Google Is An Expert

When you think about it, Google is truly the company that has the kind of data that not only fits into appealing lists of ten search terms, but that can document nearly every major, semi-major, and negligible event each day. Google is our spell check, our entertainment, our reference, and our form of communication. So go ahead, indulge that tendency toward meta-analysis: What does Google say about us?


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