Get Great Deals This December On Wedding Wear, Power Tools, And More

Get Great Deals This December On Wedding Wear, Power Tools, And More

Need a wedding dress? Now is the time to buy it.

The same goes for champagne, HDTVs, tools, and cars in unusual colors, according to Lifehacker. It’s also the best time of year for landscaping such as shrubs and bulbs—we’ll be sure to grab an evergreen or two for our windowsill.

Three things that are cheapest in December, from Lifehacker:

1. Tools. Because, really, who wants to work on their shingles when it's snowing, as AOL Shopping points out? But if you know you're in need of decent tools for when things start to defrost, now's a good time to grab them.

2. Champagne. There's really only one time of year when everyone thinks about buying Champagne, and it's right before New Year's Eve. So the Champagne firms get cut-throat in trying to lure everybody to their brand, so go ahead and stock up, within reason, while the getting's good, according to

3. HDTVs And Home Theater Equipment. All the new shiny stuff arrives in spring, so it's getting near the time when you might be able to punch a few hundred dollars off last years models, as Kiplinger, via Consumer Reports, suggests. The deals actually get better in January, but now's not a bad time to start looking if you're grabbing a gift for someone you obviously like a whole lot.

To see the rest of their rationale for winter purchases (and smirk at their mocking reference to Christmas proposals), check out the original article at Lifehacker. And before you rush off to pack your trunk full of bubbly, consider the LV Challenge. Who else needs a flat-screen?

Tell us in the comments: What do you find are the cheapest things to buy around the holidays? Add to the list!


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