Our Favorite DIY Holiday Home Decorations

Nothing summons the holiday spirit like decorations. Whether we’re eyeing paper snowflakes or tinsel garlands, something about sparkly, twinkling pretty things dressing up the dark of winter is comforting. The cost of store-bought décor? Not so much.

As much as we adore the elegance of a few well-placed ornaments, we have to remember that these are temporary accoutrements meant to spread holiday cheer…and few things inspire feelings of warmth more than homemade decorations. We’re not just talking paper snowflakes, here—from found objects to created masterpieces, our new favorite holiday decorations will have the flash, glitter, and joy of this time of year, along with the most important personal touch: yours.

For ideas on how to spruce up your holiday hideout without breaking the bank, click through our slide show.

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Tell us in the comments: How do you cheer up your home at the holidays?

  • Anonymous

    Magazine Christmas trees! Visions of paper cuts dance in my head…

  • Marnie

    I know they cost money and everything, but I love using ornaments in alternative ways. Like piling them into a clear bowl or vase or scattering them on the table for decoration.

  • Rendancechick

    If you are pregnant or prone to migraines, skip the fumes and use good old elmers glue or modge podge and a paint brush. Paint the candle with dots or your favorite design and sprinkle the glitter using the shaker covers that usually come with glitter. You can also just paint the bottom half of the candle with glitter and then you can use it.

  • Holiday season is also the season of decorating your home to celebrate.. Chandelier is really one of my favorite to designed.