Extreme Couponing Makes Saving Money An Obsession

Extreme Couponing Makes Saving Money An Obsession

Would you rifle through a dumpster for other people’s discarded coupons? Chances are, it has never occurred to you. But on the new TLC Show “Extreme Couponing,” obsessive coupon-collecting is the norm.

Saving Money Is A Full-Time Job

Thank goodness for TLC, which has not only found people driven to use methods from online coupon clipping services to dumpster-diving, but dubbed them “extreme couponers.” This is no quick Google search for free shipping coupons before an online order—the people featured on this show (and there are apparently enough of them to sustain a show) collect hundreds of coupons per week and stockpile enough goods to hibernate through the winter.

ABC News spoke with some of the extreme couponers profiled on the show and gave us a peek at their valued stockpiles—an admirable storage feat when viewed from a New York City apartment. Check it out:

We can’t help but admire their commitment to saving money, but their manic pursuit of a deal sounds more stressful than fun. And frankly, it’s obvious how wasteful—in dollars and in paper—it is to throw away an entire insert of coupons. There absolutely must be a happy medium… have you found it?


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