Childhood Cartoons Have Taken Over Facebook, But What Do They Say About You Professionally?

Childhood Cartoons Have Taken Over Facebook, But What Do They Say About You Professionally?

Contrary to appearances, Patty Mayonnaise and Little Bear haven’t joined Facebook. The sudden appearance of childhood cartoons from the 90s (as well as the 70s and 80s) is a Facebook campaign to raise awareness about violence against children.

While bloggers across the web doubt its effectiveness (as Babble says, this campaign is like most of those that go on Facebook—“long on cute and short on substance”), we’re more concerned about what a profile picture featuring the characters of Recess will do for you professionally.

Professionalism Should Extend To Facebook

Truth be told, you probably won’t be fired for an animated pic. But we’ve been hearing more and more lately about maintaining separate personal and professional Facebook accounts, now that any email address can establish one. (Remember the days when it had to be a valid college email?) And the more we think about separate accounts, the more it makes sense.

If the following is true for you, you could use a professional Facebook account—or a single account free of all boozy pictures and cartoon likenesses.

  1. You wear a suit to work every day. If you have casual Fridays, you might swap the jacket for a cardigan.
  2. Your emails end with a message stating that the enclosed information is for the intended recipient only, and if the reader isn’t she, the reader must immediately commit hara-kiri. Or something.
  3. You know for a fact that your co-workers get your info on their Newsfeeds (or they’re Facebook stalking you during department meetings). Comments like “Your new puppy is so cute!” and “Looks like someone had fun this weekend,” are good indicators.

Your Facebook Is Full Of Decisions

Even if you work in a Soho loft full of jeans-clad twenty-somethings, remember that your Facebook page is a representation of you. Essentially, it’s a carefully-constructed vehicle to convey an impression of yourself to others. You have consciously decided to include everything on that page, and when it comes to your coworkers, what impression are you giving?


Tell us in the comments: Do you have separate Facebook accounts, one very clean account, or do you throw caution to the wind?


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