Cheap Plane Tickets Stay Cheap With Farelock Service

Cheap Plane Tickets Stay Cheap With Farelock Service

Air travel is stressful enough without ticket-buying deadlines. The closer you get to departure time, the more expensive your ticket options. While prices rise as you research your options, the ultimate buying decision often comes down to how long you can afford to wait.

Farelock Keeps Your Ticket Price

Continental Airlines understands the dilemma, and have offered up a solution: a small fee that locks the price of your ticket exactly where you first found it. For $5, passengers can use the Farelock service and put the ticket (with its current price) on hold for a week or 72 hours. While users of the service wouldn’t get their $5 back whether they purchase the ticket or not, they can be sure that the price of their ticket won’t increase as they deliberate. We’re willing to sacrifice $5 for peace of mind, but non-refundable does strike a sour note. It’s the thought that counts, anyway—right?

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Apps To Make Travel More Manageable

Lately, the knowledge that air travel (especially around the holidays) is increasingly inhumane has bypassed the check-in desk and reached the offices upstairs—as well as any number of enterprising app developers. The New York Times has put together a guide to apps that will make your airport experience as painless as possible, from the parking lot to the air. Favorites of ours include Take Me To My Car, which helps you find your car in a sea of frosty windshields, and GateGuru, which helps you navigate over 100 vast airports. Both are, of course, free. (If our picks don’t thrill you, feel free to pitch your own in the comments.)

Share The Wisdom

As much as we wish we could alleviate your holiday travel stress, there’s only so much we can do. We can share tips on how to get free flights through overbooking, warn you when airlines implement crazy experiments, and remind you to look out for tricks such as hidden upgrades and blanket charges. But wait: This winter, we’ll be traveling too. How can you help us?



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