Best Of 2010: 18 Places To Go For A Long Weekend Getaway

No account of the best LearnVest articles of 2010 would be complete without a nod to our most epic travel article of the whole year. When crafting this article, we thought about how, while we’d love to vacation for weeks at a time, it’s harder to take off time from work than we’d probably admit to friends and significant others.

Plus, elaborate and extended vacations can cost a boatload—and we have other savings priorities at the moment. That said, it’s incredibly important for body, mind, and soul to take time off. So, to help readers plan out their local vacations, we laid out our favorite three getaways in each region of the country. We even we found inexpensive accommodations and figured out transportation from major cities in each region.

So, since we know you were dying to know approximately how much you might spend in gas to get from Richmond or D.C. to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, we bring you our in-depth guide to weekend getaways.

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  • Pretty please improve the slide shows by creating a popup when I hover over pictures so I know what I’m looking at and can click at only the things I’m interested in…see HuffPost for an example. I will be eternally grateful!!

  • MKK

    I am always interested in articles on getaways like this, but they always seem to strategically avoid the middle of the country. How about long weekend trips from Nashville, Kansas City, etc? As much as I’d enjoy jetting away to San Francisco or Old Faithful, it would be great to have ideas for closer destinations.

  • Sandy_seashell

    I appreciate the idea of this article, but why would you suggest lodging 25 minutes outside the destination, especially for your Wine Country suggestion? Surely there are locations closer than that for a decent rate.

  • Punkypoo

    You can also stay in the lodge or cabins (heated!) at Skyline drive. The cabins are very affordable & clean & even had shampoo & soap dispensers (free) in the bathroom when I was there some years ago.

  • One place that you might consider for long weekends from the list is Shenandoah Valley National Park. I took skyline drive and rested for a while near the river; it was an awesome experience for me.

  • I can only say that for the 2011 year the above destinations can be chosen again..I really like your post and definitely look forward to it..