7 Quick Recipes For Healthy, Easy, One-Pot Meals Under $10

As the holidays near, we know that we have additional reason to cook, but generally less time or effort. On the years when we host our family and friends, we want to cook for them—but we don’t want to spend less time with them because we’re stuck in the kitchen.

On the years when we travel to someone else’s place, we have the urge to cook so that we can contribute to the meal, or at least so that we have leftovers to eat while we’re in transit—but we don’t have a lot of time when we’re wrapping things up at work, packing, and getting out of town.

During this cold winter, we’re turning to warm, one-pot dishes that are easy to throw together, nutritionally balanced, and inexpensive to produce. Although some of these dishes take over an hour to make in total, most of that time is often passive, like letting something stew or bake. Preparing food all in the same pot or pan reduces cleanup time, fuss, and helps us get on with the things that really matter. Like eating.

For one-pot recipes that everyone will love, click through our slide show.

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  • Marnie

    Ha, I had a friend in college who LOVED steel cut oats. I had never heard of them before that!

    • BerriB

      That’s okay — I just had to Google wheat berries!

      • DG

        I hope in reading about them, you’re motivated to try the yummy dish!

  • Marnie

    Ha, I had a friend in college who LOVED steel cut oats. I had never heard of them before that!

  • The holiday season is the most important time that we should think about eating right. I’m so glad that there are good people like you to help other people keep on the right track. I posted a link to this blog in a bledit. http://www.bleditor.com/bledit.php?bleditID=15518

  • JCB

    I love steel-cut oats! I put them on the stove just before taking my dog out for a walk and they’re done by the time we get in. I love to add a bit of real Mexican vanilla ;) Quick winter breakfast perfection!

  • JCB

    Ooh and I make endless variations of “festive rice” as a cheap dinner that can easily produce leftovers for lunches. I’ll often mix in some ground meat, and frozen chopped spinach is also a quick, healthy addition that’s easy to keep on hand. Great meal ideas–thanks!