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As Twitter grows up (it’s four-and-a-half years old!) it’s becoming more and more useful, and not just as a way for CNN to source “news” stories or to find out what Kanye West is thinking. Twitter is actually enabling us to become smarter consumers by providing a direct—and very public—line of communication between businesses and customers. Think about it: Anytime you tweet about your favorite brand, merchant or website, you’re basically giving them free, public advertising. It only makes sense that these brands want to make sure they’re doing right by you. So here we present you with three ways to work that to your advantage and use Twitter to be a smarter consumer.

1) Tweet Your Questions And Complaints, See Fast Results

A few years ago, if you had a problem with a new product you bought or your experience at a restaurant, you had to go through the proper chains of command to air your grievances. But nowadays, almost all companies—from fast-food chains to department stories to airlines—have a social media presence. And they’re actually listening to you. Why? Because their brand reputation is at stake. Check out @SouthWestAir or @Starbucks for examples—they’re answering questions, solving problems and talking with customers. And then there’s Dell, who takes it to another level with Twitter accounts for news, deals, customer service and many other niche categories.

2) Customer Service Twitter Feeds For Real-Time Trouble Shooting

Some brands go beyond a singular “official” account and have created dedicated customer service accounts, like Best Buy’s TwelpForce or Comcast’s @ComcastCares. These accounts exist solely to provide you with one-on-one instant troubleshooting (Can’t figure out if your warranty is still good? Don’t know why your cable is out?) and make sure you have the best experience possible with their brand. Use Twitter to make your thoughts and problems with a brand known—publicly, nonetheless, not in some random email inbox that’s filled to capacity. And since being transparent and responsible to your users is now “cool” (about time!), these brands are especially on top of their game.

3) Follow Your Favorites For Deals & Freebies

Getting stuff for free—or at a good deal—is definitely the mark of a smart consumer. You already know about sites like and all the other coupon forums out there. Well, the same folks are on Twitter. And with the use of hashtags, they’re super-easy to find. Search #giveaway, #free, #coupon or #promotions and see what comes up. Alternatively, you can follow people like @Freenology, @TodaysFreeList, @Freebies4Mom, @freebiecity, @SavingEveryday and @FrugalGirls and let them find the deals for you.

Tell us in the comments: Do you use Twitter to shop? In what way? Who should we be following to save money?

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  • XXthe

    That’s actually a pretty cool point, that customer service is now in the public eye. It really has the potential to make companies look good.

  • Tm380

    I joined Twitter perhaps a year and a half ago when it was becoming the craze. None of my peers used it including my children so I have not accessed the site for some time. HOWEVER, now that LearnVest has given me some real cost savings opportunities via Twiter. I’m taking a different view of its use to me.