3 Savvy Ways To Make Your Website A Success

3 Savvy Ways To Make Your Website A Success

How can somebody go from a small-time website to one that rakes in millions of hits? There are many ways to make more money, one of which is blogging, but it seems so hard to make that leap from personal hobby to something you can actually quit your day job for. In our interview with Emerson Spartz, the brains behind the biggest Harry Potter fan site, he shared how MuggleNet reached nine million unique visitors per month at its peak. And yes, this is what he does for a living now—create websites. Emerson says:

There were three things that I did that helped MuggleNet.com to be number one. I knew I had to get the word out about the website, so I emailed every single Harry Potter webmaster that I can find on the internet — probably 500. And I asked if they wanted to do link trade and turned out quite a few got back to me, and so that was how I started to get the website out there. Obviously that was a rather time-consuming process, sending that many emails to that many people.

For two more tips from Emerson, read the entire article at SavvySugar. CLICK HERE.

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