11 Money Links We Love (12/31/10)

11 Money Links We Love (12/31/10)

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. Post-job loss, why wouldn't you apply for unemployment benefits? (Budgets Are Sexy)

2. We knew there were some! The Hidden Costs Of Going Green. (SmartMoney)

3. What do judges and fashion designers have in common? Both of their jobs are endangered. (Bundle)

4. Is calling workplace friendships "superficial" accurate or insulting? You decide. (Divine Caroline)

5. Yum! Make your food budget go further with these tips. (The Digerati Life)

6. How is your credit card limit determined? (Credit Karma)

7. Oh wow, we could use this. How To Shop For A Fashionista. (The Budget Fashionista)

8. Down with gym memberships! 10 Things You Should Never Buy. (Cash Flow Sherpas)

9. This news isn't the best: Getting ahead on just a salary in your 20s is nearly impossible. (20s Money)

10. Looking for a belated holiday gift? Try plastic surgery... (SavvySugar)

11. Were you not paranoid enough already? Then check out an interview based on how guys view women and their financial situations. (Accidental Chic)


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