11 Money Links We Love (12/24/10)

11 Money Links We Love (12/24/10)

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. Cool infographic (especially for New Yorkers!): The dining habits of New Yorkers. (Bundle)

2. Lauren and Elissa are exploring new frontiers. Namely: video! (Four Flights Up)

3. Turns out that we can save our money without sacrificing our social lives. Who knew? (Divine Caroline)

4. How Liquid Is Your Portfolio? And how are you supposed to tell? (The Digerati Life)

5. How often does your credit score change? (Credit Karma)

6. Cool! And fashion-y! How To Make Slip Covers For Pillows. (The Budget Fashionista)

7. Before getting married, consider whether you want to keep separate or joint bank accounts. (The Smarter Wallet)

8. The clock is ticking: Year End Tax Tips. (Million Dollar Journey)

9. Give it a Disney Princess name and we're riveted: The Cinderella Loan. (Cash Flow Sherpas)

10. Lists are always so much more convincing: 4 Fundamentals Of Financial Success. (20s Money)

11. Yum! We bet homemade s'mores would be a great addition to your holiday parties! (SavvySugar)


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