11 Money Links We Love (12/20/10)

11 Money Links We Love (12/20/10)

altWe’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. "Our landlord's paying us to move out, so who gets the cash?" (Bundle)

2. Just in time: a life coach's top 10 tactics to stop stressing out. (Divine Caroline)

3. Furry. Six Ugg-esque boots for under$50. (The Budget Fashionista)

4. Are your personal finances your employer's business? (And should you punch them in the face if they let you go? Short answer: no. ) (Budgets Are Sexy)

5. The "emotional efficiency" of doing vs. having, aka why experiences make you happier than things. (Financially Smitten)

6. Are you a successful young person working to improve your finances despite the economy? Then 20s Money wants to hear from you. (20s Money)

7. A raise! How exciting! Now what is she supposed to do with it? (SavvySugar)

8. We can never have too many: top tips for airline bargains. (The Digerati Life)

9. What good is a high credit score if you can't get a credit card? (CreditKarma)

10. Consider us curious: What do a corporate lawyer and the genie from Aladdin have in common? (My Journey To Millions)

11. 5 Ways To Know It's Time To Quit Your Job. (TheSmarterWallet)


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