11 Money Links We Love (12/10/10)

11 Money Links We Love (12/10/10)

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. Well, it was inevitable. Someone has been dubbed "America's Tweetheart." But she's kind of awesome, so we don't hold it against her. (SavvySugar)

2.  This process of paying off your smallest debts in full before your largest debts in part has been dubbed "The Debt Snowball" by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey.  How seasonal. (The Digerati Life)

3. Everyone knows we're all about the emergency fund. Here is six-step guide to creating your own. (MoneyCrush)

4. Fine, credit scores and email providers do not have a causal relationship. But it's still fun to see what our email says about our credit tendencies. (Credit Karma)

5. We wouldn't expect anything less: 20 holiday party dresses for under $20. (The Budget Fashionista)

6. Self-employed? Wishing you were? Then check out how to write off your home office. (Bundle)

7. Feel free to send one of these awesome financially sexy  holiday presents to our door. (Budgets Are Sexy)

8. There are only so many hours in the day. A professional lifestyle coach keeps us from getting overwhelmed. (Financially Smitten)

9. Can you take frugality too far? This blogger thinks so, and tells us how to keep our behavior in check. (Aloysa's Kitchen Sink)

10. Stop being a jerk at work. Instead, peek at these 21 ways to make people like you. (Divine Caroline)

11. Know where Lauren is? At the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Know who she met? Gloria Steinem. (Four Flights Up)


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