The Amazon Example: Black Friday Sales Start Early And Online

The Amazon Example: Black Friday Sales Start Early And Online

Here’s the challenge: You’re a major retailer gearing up for Black Friday, the shopping day of all shopping days. You would like to get the jump on your competition by starting early, but that pesky Thanksgiving means your stores will be closed. What do you do? Hold an Amazon Black Friday.

No Need To Leave Your Couch

The thing about Amazon Black Friday (the internet is abuzz with leaked ads, sales previews, and an influx of complaints from across the pond) is that it doesn't exactly start on Friday. In fact, it's already begun. Exclusively-online retailers such, as well as the more traditional sort, are rolling out the sales a day early through your computer. It makes sense, when you think about it. Not only does it eliminate the whole getting-up-at-dawn-to-participate-in-a-shopping-stampede thing, but online sales that extend right through the holiday give you an excuse to duck away from the Thanksgiving table. (“Time to get your Christmas gifts!”)

Why Eat When You Can Shop?

Early deals are a tried-and-true strategy for many retailers, and they expect online success once again. From The New York Times:

Last year, $318 million was spent online on Thanksgiving, an increase of more than 10 percent from the year before, and $595 million was spent the next day, an increase of 11 percent.

Our Couch Isn’t All That Great

And sure, we like the idea of pajama-shopping—it’s right up there with pajama-blogging—but we’re also itching to use the great ideas we’ve heard over the past week. We’ve already done our homework, we’re watching our attitude, and despite the research, we don’t want to hand over gift cards when there’s so much gorgeous ribbon to be had. But to each her own, and your shopping is up to you.

Either way, keep an eye out for our soon-to-come ultimate Black Friday guide.

Tell us in the comments: Would you rather shop online or in person?


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