How To Keep It Class-y Long After College

How To Keep It Class-y Long After College

Those of us missing college—the classes, not the after-hours—are in luck. Website Academic Earth collects and posts university lectures from across the country in nearly every subject imaginable. While that in itself might not be notable, here’s the kicker: They’re all free.

Teaser, Not A Feature

After shelling out up to $55,000 for a year of higher ed, it seems like a cruel joke that quality lectures are now available for the cost of our internet connection. Aside from that, Academic Earth is a pretty wonderful resource. Lectures topics cover everything from the New Testament to the laws of physics, and come from respected institutions such as MIT, Yale, and UCLA, among others.

Make The Most Of It

It’s a well-known fact that we’re all about the freebies. We certainly won’t encourage LearnVesters to forego a complete college education for a handful of online lectures, but we do imagine that an online lecture is more beneficial than the latest episode of Dexter, and costs just as little. Do what you will with Academic Earth… we’re off to learn about contemporary Roman architecture.

Tell us in the comments: What subject would you like to revisit? Have you ever tried?


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