Keep Your Head While Holiday Shopping with These Savvy Tips

Keep Your Head While Holiday Shopping with These Savvy Tips

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It's a very telling sign to see how consumer debt has been slashed by $1 trillion over the last two years. This shows that the recession has caused shoppers to become more cautious with spending. Even millionaires are joining in the budgeting mentality and are saving in ways like buying more fast food. Consumers are taking up a buying style referred to as "surgical shopping," which means visiting less stores, buying necessities, and not spending time on browsing, reports the AP. Here are four quick tips for battling your shopaholic tendencies during this holiday spending season!

Wait On It

Prevent impulse shopping by holding off your purchase for a week or two. We usually end up buying a lot less when we take some time to mull over my buys.

Spend Consciously

You can afford the $400 shoes if you're aware of how much you're spending. You need to figure out a solid spending plan and indulge in what you love, instead of random buys that end up eating up your budget.

Tally Your Buys

Calculate how much you spend on shopping just to put things into perspective. If you're not writing the numbers down, you can be underestimating your expenditures in your head.

Shop in a Good Mood

In a SavvySugar survey, 57% of you say shopping puts you in a better mood after a bad day. Don't shop when you're feeling emotional, or your feelings may cloud your spending judgment.

Tell us in the comments: How do you avoid going overboard with your holiday shopping?


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