A Healthy Thanksgiving Meal for Under $50


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    • DG

      And if you missed the post about Thanksgiving wines, here’s the link:nnhttp://blog.learnvest.com/living-frugally/entertainment/from-shiraz-to-zinfandel-the-best-wine-to-serve-with-thanksgiving-dinner/nnHappy holidays!

      • http://twitter.com/amkade Allison Kade

        Thanks for another lovely post!

    • nourishthespirit

      What’s the red in the slaw? looks great, thanks

    • Deb

      I really like the recipes, but that isn’t butternut squash in the picture with the spinach custard. Maybe it’s buttercup or hubbard? There’s quite a difference, my boyfriend — who really likes butternut — tells me.

      • DG

        You’re right, Deb- that actual picture isn’t of a butternut squash but the great thing about the recipe is you can use any squash you’d like!nnI find flavor & texture of each squash different- some slightly, some greatly, but absolutely recognizable to be from the same family.nn

    • Steph M

      Hi Deborah! My boyfriend and I had a very fun time preparing this dish! We were so impressed that we took pics before we dove in! It was absolutely delicious!! Thanks for another fantastic recipe!!!