Have a Career and Stay at Home: SavvySugar Talks to a Mom Blogger

Have a Career and Stay at Home: SavvySugar Talks to a Mom Blogger

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There's nothing more rewarding than being a mother. Having a full-time job and taking care of kids can feel like having two jobs, which is why many women dream about being a stay-at-home mom. We talked to Jen Singer, a mom who turned her stay-at-home mom status into a job.

SavvySugar: How did you turn being a stay-at-home mom into a career?

Jen Singer: Right now I'm an author and a blogger. I created the blog MommaSaid.net, which I've done actually for eight years now. I started it when my kids were little and when they were in school, I would write it at night. Now it's become more of a full-time job because with that I published five books, most recently the Stop Second Guessing Yourself guides to parenting; there's three of them. And I've also been a spokesperson for several companies. I'm a Pull Ups potty training partner so I give potty training advice to moms on Facebook for Pull Ups.

SS: Please walk us through your typical day!

JS: There is no typical day. It changes from day to day, but I can tell you what the last couple of days were like. Generally my kids get on the school bus in the morning, then I go to my office and I'll blog something on MommaSaid and then I'll write something for a client. Right now, it happens to be the week that I'm giving potty training advice on Facebook for Pull Ups so I have to go on and write some potty training advice. Just yesterday I finished writing a book so I had to do a bit of editing on that and in between I'm throwing in loads of laundry into the washer and running out to pick up library books.

SS: Why is being a stay-at-home mom a dream job?

JS: I think that one of the reasons that women see this as a dream job is because it prevents you from having to do that crazy juggle of work and kids. You are able to focus just on your kids alone. I think there is also sort of that romantic feel to it, where you get to spend your kids' early years with them and you get to see their first steps and you get to hear their first word, you're there for everything. And I think that's very alluring to moms.

SS: How was it like being a full-time stay-at-home mom?

JS: When I was a full-time stay-at-home mom my kids were only 19 months apart, so I was deep into the diapers and toddler madness. I would put them both down onto the playground and one would dash one way and the other one would dash the other way. I felt like I didn't sit down for four years! It was exhausting, but at the same time it was really wonderful to be there for them when they came out of the preschool or when they talked for the first time. It was really fulfilling to be so deep into their lives for so long.

SS: Any advice to stay-at-home moms out there?

JS: Make sure that you set aside time for yourself ahead of time and don't be afraid to ask for it. Being an at-home mom is just like any other job and you deserve time for yourself.

Tell us in the comments: Are you —or would you want to be—a stay-at-home mom?


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