From RetailMeNot To XKCD: The Best Online Freebies

From RetailMeNot To XKCD: The Best Online Freebies

The internet sometimes feels like a magical place with millions of sites that guarantee free advice, services and information, but determining which sites are truly helpful—and legit—can be a balancing act of knowing the newest, coolest sites and spending the time to see if they’re as good as the hype. To save you time (and earn you the social capital that comes with being the one who tells others about the little-known gems of the internet), we’ve scoured the internet and taken some of the best online freebies for good ol’ test drives.

Check out our comprehensive list, divided by category:




Caffeinate While You Work alt
  • Find cafes with free wireless internet, power outlets, and 3G reception.
  • Note that all Starbucks, not always included on the list, now have free wi-fi.
Event Invitations alt
  • Scalable resource to coordinate events.
  • Helpful tools for cumbersome tasks like selling tickets at different prices.
Laugh Out Loud alt
  • Online comic strips that tell stories of “romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”
Learn A Language alt
  • Cool way to listen to or read current news stories while learning words in a different language.
  • Launched to help people learn English but has expanded to Spanish. Plans to add other languages.
Listen To The Radio alt
  • Aggregates radio stations by genre.
  • Explore and support interesting small radio stations.
Make Photo Slide Shows alt
  • Create slide show from your photos.
  • Add music and send video in a personalized e-card.
Office Tools alt
  • Instead of forking over for Microsoft Office, this suite gives you similar access to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics and databases.
Online Photoshop alt
  • Edit photos and create logos with this platform that has similar functionality to Photoshop.
  • Extra perk: You can even edit your own audio files.
Receive Tech Support alt
  • Search for answers to tech questions or post your own to one of the forums. “Bump” your answer to the top of the list if you do not receive an answer after a day or so.
Sample Your Neighborhood alt
  • 50% off coupons at local businesses (like fancy restaurants)
  • No money or commit up front, unlike Groupon.
Stop Waiting alt
  • Stop waiting for a customer rep to assist you. Give your numbers to LucyPhone, which will wait on your behalf and call you as soon as the next representative becomes available.
Send Emails In Advance alt
  • Schedule emails to send at precise times and dates in the future.
  • We like this for thank-you notes after interviews, reminders to roommates to pay their bills, etc.
Time Your Ticket Purchases alt
  • While you may use StubHub or Ticketmaster to buy tickets, this site helps you to find the best time to buy by forecasting when the prices will rise and fall.
Travel Guide alt
  • Free travel guides for major cities around the globe.
  • Customize your attractions in the guide.
Coupons & Discounts alt
  • Coupons & codes for 65,000 stores including Coach, Victoria’s Secret, and Amazon.
  • Even has an extensive grocery coupon list.
Discover New Music alt
  • Listen to specific songs on demand.
  • Generate a playlist of suggested music you’d also like
E-Cards alt
  • Send virtual greetings and announcements with the same feel as store bought greeting cards.
  • 25 free cards with free account.
Watch TV And Movies alt
  • Choose from thousands of primetime TV shows including 30 Rock, Glee, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Tell us in the comments: Where do you find your favorite online freebies?


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