Do You Shop More Than The Average Person?

Do You Shop More Than The Average Person?

Do you feel like you spend half your life in the grocery store? It’s actually a much smaller fraction than that (around one forty-eighth), according to data on shopping habits compiled by coupon website CouponCodes4U.

The Average Person Shops For Over A Week Per Year

Through a survey of over 6,000 individuals, the website found that the average person spends about 3.5 hours per week shopping, or about 7.5 days per year. And as we all know, shopping isn’t just for new fashions and the latest gadgets, but for essentials as well—like the dreaded groceries.

Not Everyone Loves To Shop

When it comes to shopping preference (personal shopper, please!), over a third of those surveyed prefer shopping online, which comes as no surprise to anyone. The website didn’t release its results for store and shopping mall preferences, and we can’t help but wonder why. Clearly, a majority of respondents prefer shopping in person…could it be that new-shoes smell? Only 24% of respondents claimed to enjoy taking their time during a shopping trip, and a surly 9% insisted that they hate the whole process—they had better snap up some gift cards!

NYC Residents Remain Queens Of The Shoppers

And, for fun and to inspire feelings of superiority/shame, the survey results were broken down by city, according to how many hours its occupants shopped per week on average. Here are the results, from most hours spent per week to least:

Average Hours Spent Shopping Per Person, Per Week, By City:

1.       New York City: 7 hours
2.       Chicago: 6.5 hours
3.       LA: 6.2 hours
4.       Boston: 5.9 hours
5.       Austin: 5.7 hours
6.       Washington DC: 5 hours
7.       Miami; 4.6 hours
8.       Seattle: 4.4 hours
9.       Las Vegas: 4 hours
10.     Phoenix: 3.9 hours

Tell us in the comments: How do your shopping habits stack up to those of the average person?


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