Dazzling Style For Your Holiday Work Bash

Dazzling Style For Your Holiday Work Bash

altWe all love to let loose with our co-workers but everyone always remembers the holiday disaster. Don't be that person. Moderate your drinking and your behavior, and enter the party looking like you've got it all stylishly under control. To help get you there, here are the must-know trends of the holiday season:

1. The Classic Suit With A Festive Modern Touch



We love this timeless silhouette but pairing it with delicious feminine details like a satin blouse, thin black belt, and great pumps give it a festive touch without going overboard.

2. Pop Rocks



Striking pops of color— tops, shoes, legwear, even skirts— are great ways to infuse tasteful fun into an otherwise ordinary outfit.

3. Pretty in Pink



Don't go overboard on this pretty hue but doses, including pink versatile feminine tops with soft, tiered ruffles are the recipe for holiday chic.

4. Silver Belle


We are huge fans of black--the LBD is timeless--but, particularly, around the holidays we want to shine. Since silver may not be practical at many workplace parties, we are loving grey in its place.
Grey also works well after the holidays, pairing it with shades of teal and yellow for modern “Spring-is-on-the-way” looks.

See you at the party! (We'll be looking out for the chic, stylish girl.)



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