Customer Satisfaction Is Key: The Top 10 Companies With Great Customer Service

Libby Kane

Now that we’re up to our ears in shopping lists and gift wrap, many a mind has turned to customer service. For those of you who equate the term “customer service,” with a rising red haze of frustration, you’re thinking of bad customer service. This season, we turn our attention to the good.

The Top 10 Companies For Customer Service

Consumer Reports compiled a list of companies with the best and worst customer service (titled “naughty” and “nice”), and we choose not to dwell on those destined to receive coal. Instead, we present the list of the ten best, in no particular order:

1. Southwest
2. L.L. Bean
4. Costco
5. U.S. Cellular
6. Orvis
8. J&R
9. Walmart
10. Publix

For their reasoning, check out the lists HERE.

The Shoppers Weigh In

Now, Consumer Reports is highly regarded and our usual go-to for any product or business reviews we might need, but there is someone else who should be consulted when it comes to customer service—and that’s the customer. The research department of the National Retail Federation conducted the sixth annual survey of over 9,000 shoppers and compiled their own “nice” list (in alphabetical order):

2. JCPenney
3. Kohl’s Department Stores
4. Lands’ End
5. L.L.Bean
6. Newegg
7. Nordstrom
9. QVC

A big LearnVest cheer for and L.L. Bean, who made both lists and thus pleased the experts and the shoppers. But then again, who is more of an expert on customer service than a shopper?

Tell us in the comments: Share your best and worst customer service stories with us! Who else should have made the list?

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  • Vsomer

    Congratulations Zapppos and These companies know how to handle refunds, exchanges and dissatisfied customers. They’ve been rewarded with the ultimate in Free Advertising – Positive Word of Mouth. Of course, you can always generate negative comments, and bloggers are more than happy to share their experiences on the information highway. What’s that worth to you? I read a blog today that said customer service is not specific. I disagree. There are some very specific NO COST steps you can take to get the same kind of kudos heaped on and Zappos. Even the little guys can do it, because it’s all behavioral-based. It doesn’t cost anything!. For more tips on NO COST advertising, check out and share your comments on my blog.

  • Angeldlynn

    My customer service experiences with Wal-Mart have been so bad I no longer shop there so I am surprised to see them on a list of good customer service providers.nnPublix service is amazing.

  • Caeliot has the worst customer service ever. i’m shocked they are on this list.