Beyond Wakeup Calls And Toiletries: Our Favorite Secret Hotel Perks

As much as we love visiting loved ones and seeing the world, we don’t really appreciate the whole sitting forever on a plane and living out of a suitcase thing. Especially with the holiday season coming up, we’re bracing ourselves for hotel rooms and mediocre continental breakfasts. One saving grace? We live for the perks.

From the useful (hospitality suites, around-the-clock shuttles, concierge service) to the fanciful (loaner goldfish, human bed warmers, tattoo artists in residence), many hotels offer lots of extra benefits and services that you have to know to ask for. We’ll walk you through some of the best ones—useful and quirky alike—to show you the secret perks you can tap into if only you know to ask.

Click through our slide show for 21 of our favorites!

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Tell us in the comments: What hotel perks have you experienced? How did you get them?

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  • Casey

    My family is notorious for collecting hotel toiletries! My dad has a huge ziploc bag full of shampoos, soaps, and body wash. It sure if helpful when you’re taking a quick trip and need a bottle that can fit in your carry-on!

    • Marie

      That’s so funny! I love those little shampoos!

  • Vicky

    how silly is that rental goldfish thing? I mean, I miss my pets when I’m on vacation, but really? A goldfish?

  • Gjack71

    slideshows like this are an obvious attempt to get more pageviews – the more user-friendly option for a list like this is 1-3 pages (and you know it). To add insult to injury, at least a third of these “secret perks” are less-than-useful throwaways. I get that you need ad impressions, but this is not very classy, LearnVest.

  • PsOP

    Gjack71. LearnVest would not have much creidibility if they did not make the most of their site, themselves. Dont u think?nn