Amazon Provides Facebook Gift Cards For Amazon MP3

Amazon Provides Facebook Gift Cards For Amazon MP3

Just in time for the holiday season, has come up with a new way to encourage purchase of Amazon MP3: gift cards given electronically through Facebook. The online retailer of all things electronic and entertaining is pushing a service that will post digital gift cards up to $5,000 on the recipient’s Facebook wall. Is it just us, or is Facebook absolutely everywhere lately?

‘Tis The Season For Promotions

Amazon MP3 provides over 13 million competitively-priced downloads that are compatible with almost any MP3 player or phone. To spread the word about the service, they’re offering a promotion called “Give 5, Get $5,” where the first 10,000 customers to give an MP3 card to five Facebook friends (or five friends through email) will receive $5 of MP3 credit themselves.

Gift Giving Is Now “More Social”

According to a press release, the company that supplies the gift cards thinks that its customers “will be thrilled that we’ve made gift-giving more social.” More social than handing someone a gift, unwrapping it, and receiving a grateful hug or convincingly appreciative smile? Just because your gift will appear on someone’s Facebook wall (shameless, Amazon), doesn’t mean that electronic gift-giving tops tissue paper and ribbon.

There is on thing to its credit, though: An electronic gift card is the perfect solution when 10pm rolls around on December 24th, and you forgot to buy a gift for your sister.

Tell us in the comments: Would you use Amazon gift cards to give gifts through Facebook?


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