7 Steps to Give Thanks At Work This November

7 Steps to Give Thanks At Work This November

7 Steps To Giving Thanks At Work This November

Our favorite Turkey holiday is coming up at the end of November, which is why now is the perfect time to start giving thanks. Since most of us spend a lot at the office, it’s a good place to start doing activities that add value to society. Not only will you be helping out those in need, you’ll also be beefing up your resume and developing yourself professionally. In addition, it’ll really showcase your leadership abilities to your boss and colleagues. Your superiors will appreciate these nonprofit ventures because they help build up office culture and strengthen bonds among your team.  Read on for steps to starting your own “thanks giving” initiative at the office.

To learn how you can give thanks at work, check out the SavvySugar article HERE.

Tell us in the comments: What sort of volunteer activities do you do now, or have you done in the past?


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