11 Money Links We Love (11/26/10)

11 Money Links We Love (11/26/10)

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. We're probably not the right people to ask: Do you think about money too much? (My Journey To Millions)

2. In the wake of our thoughts on buying we came across this: How a good brand name gets us to buy. (Bundle)

3. Savers aren't born—they're created. Or so says Credit Karma. (Credit Karma)

4. Taking a day off work can save us hundreds of dollars? We're listening. (Christian PDF)

5. We'd probably scream, too, if someone gave us a car. Then we'd wonder where to park it... (SavvySugar)

6. Apparently, Lauren really likes prenups. (Four Flights Up)

7. Why end the fun in January? Here's a whole list of holiday gifts that just keep on giving. (Get Rich Slowly)

8. Darn right, a red convertible is a cop magnet. So are these six things. (Divine Caroline)

9. How much should you be tipping this holiday? (Budgets Are Sexy)

10. In case you were a little rusty, here's the difference between someone with a job, someone with a career, and an entrepreneur. (20s Money)

11. Three rules to live by when starting a new job (Hint: You're gonna hate it). (WiseBread)


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