Who Needs Cable? Online TV Chart Finds Your Favorite Show

Who Needs Cable? Online TV Chart Finds Your Favorite Show

We’re huge proponents of dialing it down. If you spend enough time on LearnVest, we might just convince you that you dislike eating out. You find magazines wasteful. You wouldn’t pay an ATM fee if there wasn’t another machine for miles. But we’re not alone in this mission: Lifehacker has (unofficially) joined us.

Why Pay When You Can Have It For Free?

The website has compiled an extensive chart meant to convince you to unsubscribe from your cable package. An intrepid reporter—and possible TV addict—combed the web to find out where a vast variety of shows are legally available for low prices. He even categorized the shows: reality, network drama, and popular stuff are only a few of the options. Instead of paying for cable, you can pick and choose your shows.

Do With It What You Will

Maybe this information won’t help you be more productive at work or at home, but we hope it will give you pause when you moan that there's nothing to watch on TV... and then open your next cable bill.

Check out the entire chart at Lifehacker. CLICK HERE.

Tell us in the comments: What are your favorite free TV sources online?


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