What’s Your Investing Personality? The LV Risk Assessment Quiz

What’s Your Investing Personality? The LV Risk Assessment Quiz

In a world of soccer riots, political unrest, and an ever-changing economic landscape, it’s sometimes hard to know when something is a good risk or purely foolhardy. Taking chances is about more than courage and spontaneity—it’s about knowing your options, understanding the repercussions, and deciding to take the plunge. This is as true in finance as in life: Determining how much risk you can handle in your investments is all about your goals and ability to handle risk.

We’ve identified four investing personality types: The Careful One, The Smooth Sailor, The Assertive One and The Rabble-Rouser. To learn more about these personalities and what that means for how you should invest, check out our 15-day Investing Bootcamp.

Take this quiz to find out your investing personality.

Your Risk Tolerance

1. When it comes to investing, I consider myself to be:
a) Just learning the ropes.
b) Somewhat knowledgeable.
c) An expert.

2. In the fall of 2008, stocks lost more than 30% of their value. If you had owned stocks during that time, how would you have reacted? If you did own stocks then, how did you react?
a) I sold everything! I’d rather get out with my losses than lose more.
b) I held on in general, but considered selling some of what I had, just to be safe.
c) I bought more of what I had, even though it had plummeted in value! They tell you to buy low and sell high, right?

3. When investing, I am primarily concerned with:
a) Not losing money.
b) Keeping the money I have, but also making some more.
c) Making as much money as possible from what I’ve invested.

4. Which of these investments would you be happiest to own?


5. You’ve been saving for a new car for three years and just reached your goal. You were planning to go to the dealership over the weekend and buy your dream car, but you find out on Wednesday that you are being laid off. What do you do?
a) Stick with the car you have. It’ll last until you find a new job.
b) Buy a lesser model of the car you want. (You don’t really need seat-warmers and a sun roof, do you?)
c) Go to the dealership anyway and continue with the plan. You’ve been waiting for this for a long time; you’ll find a new job soon enough.

6. When it comes to saving, you:
a) Save a certain percentage every month, no matter what.
b) Save what you can each month, but not a set amount.
c) Hope to save something every month, but never seem to find any money left over.


  • 1 point for every a
  • 3 points for every b
  • 5 points for every c

Write down this number as your risk tolerance score.

Your Investing Time Frame

1. Your current age is:
a) 45+
b) 30 to 45
c) Under 30

2. I will need to access most of my money in:
a) Less than 5 years
b) 5 to 10 years
c) 11+ years

3. The primary goal of my investing account is:
a) A house or similar big ticket item (one time use)
b) Money I will need for my lifestyle or education (I’ll need the money over the course of a few years)
c) Retirement (I’ll need to use the money over many, many years)

4. I imagine that my next big purchase like a house will happen in about:
a) 5 years (or maybe less)
b) 5 to 10 years
c) 11+ years


  • 1 point for every a
  • 3 points for every b
  • 5 points for every c

Write down this number as your time horizon score.

Now, plot your risk tolerance score against your time horizon score to find out your investing personality.

Risk Tolerance Results

Click the link for your personality type to learn what it means for you:

* The Careful One
* The Smooth Sailor
* The Assertive One
* The Rabble-Rouser

Tell us in the comments: What's your investing personality? Is it what you expected?


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