What Does It Cost Lindsay Lohan To Break The Law? (Slide Show!)

It must be a slow news cycle, because Lindsay Lohan’s jail saga is once again front and center. Hasn’t she been in trouble with the law for years now? Anyway, the latest is that she’s come up with an ingenious plan to finance her substance abuse: selling pictures of herself in rehab. Pictures of her in jail would probably sell better, but her residence there is so limited that after hair and makeup, there wouldn’t be any time to shoot. These pictures are rumored to be on sale for up to $100,000. Who wants one?

The Cost Of Misbehavior

Taking into account that we spend the entire workday in front of a computer, being lured by the hypnotizing pink of PopEater, we’ve done some deep, unfailingly accurate calculations. Well, as deep and unfailingly accurate as one can be while keeping an addicted eye on the stock market. We’ve come up with this: Lindsay’s misbehavior has cost her a minimum of $501,080 in the last five months—that’s a cool $100,200 per month. Consider this: her June bail cost her $200,000, her September bail cost $300,00, and she’s wearing that SCRAM bracelet at a cost of $12 per day (we estimated it’s actually been on for a total of three months). Voilà! Half a million in penal costs.

And because we’re so riveted, we’ve put together one of our favorite slideshows: five things Lindsay Lohan could do with the money.

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Tell us in the comments: What's a better use for Lindsay's wasted money?

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  • Miguelags

    she bailed also 100.000 a third time this summer .ninclude the cost of rehab in UCLA, 130.000 and Betty Ford , 25.000.nBut mags continue saying that she escapes without any punishment!!

    • Anonymous

      Good point! Cheers, Caroline Waxler, LearnVest’s Chief Content and Community Officer

  • Sitch907

    She was such a good actress! Why is she such a mess now?

    • Casey

      It seems like all these young celebs either stay clear of the club scene and don’t get involved in that at all, or they go totally crazy. It’s pretty hard to find people who are on the middle ground.

    • Anonymous

      @Sitch907 Seriously! She was fantastic in Mean Girls and amazing on SNL etc etc. Very sad. Cheers, Caroline Waxler, LearnVest’s Chief Content and Community Officer