Watch Out: Bank Fees At An All-Time High


Watch Out: Bank Fees At An All-Time High

Fees are going up, up, and away, according to a Bankrate study just released. Consumers need to be aware of these fees, especially during the holiday season, a time when there is an increased amount of spending. Managing your money is going to be even pricier, so users will have to be more aware of their budgeting practices and keep an eye on the sneaky bank fees. Here are some of the increases you should watch out for:

ATM fees: The ATM fees have risen to $2.33 from the previous year, an increase of five percent. If you’re using an out-of-network ATM, you’ll be charged an average of $1.41. That’s seven percent higher than last year.

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Tell us in the comments: Which bank fees get under your skin? How do you avoid them?

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  • Marie

    ATM fees are the worst! If I’m at a restaurant and suddenly realize I need cash, the last thing I want to do is hunt down a Chase ATM to avoid fees. But I hate the non-Chase ATM fees, because I got slammed both by Chase and the company whose ATM I end up using!! Such a pain.

  • Anonymous

    This turns my stomach. I am tempted to put everything under my mattress.