The Future Is Now: Virgin Galactic Completes First Successful Test Flight

The Future Is Now: Virgin Galactic Completes First Successful Test Flight

“To the moon, Alice!” Or…across the Mojave desert? In the case of Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise, a suborbital spaceship, it’s the latter. This past weekend the craft completed a successful test-flight, without rocket power, from 45,000 feet to a safe landing in the desert.

First Air, Soon Space

Virgin Galactic should ring a few bells as the company moving toward commercial space travel. This craft, Enterprise, is the next step in that project—while it won’t make the moon a tourist destination, it’s intended to take passengers 65 miles into the air, to allow them to experience weightlessness, and ferry them safely back down to Earth. SpaceShip Two is hoped to be safe and functional for manned trips in the next two years.

No Lack Of Enthusiasm

Over 300 people have already signed up to be part of the trip, at a cost of about $200,000 per seat.  That’s a solid 50 flights at least, as the craft can only carry six passengers—and two crew members—per flight. If the services of Virgin Galactic are anything like the services of Virgin Atlantic, we’re looking forward to an aspirational trip of our own.

Tell us in the comments: Disregarding the price, does a spaceship trip hold any appeal?

Image Credit: Flight Global


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