Traveling Alone? You Have The Right Idea

Traveling Alone? You Have The Right Idea

Tip: Travel On Your Own

Lucky Savvy Sugar got to interview Samantha Brown, a Travel Channel host who travels the globe as her job! And what does Samantha suggest as her top tip for integrating with a culture? Travel alone.

"When you’re alone, people see that you’re by yourself and they help you more. They make sure you’re taken care of, and I’m talking about strangers, they make sure you have the right directions, they invite you over to their table to eat. There are so many more opportunities to get to know and to be more immersive in the culture when you’re by yourself."

And that's not all—see what else Samantha has to say about the benefits of traveling alone at Savvy Sugar. CLICK HERE.

Tell us in the comments: Do you feel safe when traveling alone? What precautions do you take?


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