The Price Of Botox: Does It Fit Into Your Budget?

The Price Of Botox: Does It Fit Into Your Budget?

Let’s face it: For many women, the fear of aging and the desire to reverse the lines of time is a constant personal & societal struggle. Botox has become the gateway drug for even the youngest seekers of youth (think Kim Kardashian’s You Tube injections). So, how much does this nonsurgical wrinkle reducer cost? How often do you have to get treatments? And most importantly, what are the risks?!

Get A Consultation First

Before you decide to spend a dime and risk your health getting Botox, you should consult your dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon or an experienced and qualified physician at a cosmetic treatment center to see if you are a candidate—or if there is a better treatment for the results you desire. Depending on the types of wrinkles you are trying to reduce, your medical history, the medications you take and of course what you can afford, your doctor can help determine if the procedure is right for you! Keep in mind: There are potentially serious risks when getting Botox or similar injections. It is of the ost importance for you to do your homework and consult your doctor first!

Botox® & Dysport™

We’ve all heard of Botox, but Dysport is a similar drug that is also an injection made from the toxin that causes a type of food poisoning called botulism. Yes, botulism! When either of these drugs are injected into a muscle, the toxin blocks the nerve impulses that would normally cause that muscle to contract. If done successfully, the temporary paralysis or reduction of muscle contractions in the treated area makes the skin appear smoother. Dysport has less marketing hoopla than the famed Botox, but they are said to produce similar results. Dysport is made from a different strand of the same toxin and claims that the effects last longer than Botox. Because it is less well known, it is also cheaper!

Protect Yourself By Getting Proper Care

Each state has different laws for who can and can’t administer Botox and Dysport injections. Generally, physicians and those certified under the supervision of a physician (nurses or certified medical assistants) can inject. Keep in mind that aestheticians cannot purchase either product and are not allowed to administer them in most states. However, the medical director of a spa will sometimes purchase the product and authorize an aesthetician to do the procedures. This is risky for everyone! Because this is a medical procedure, it is extremely important that you receive your injections in a sterile environment, know that you are receiving the correct dosage in each injection, that clean needles are being used, and that a doctor is present in case of a medical emergency!

Weigh The Costs

Costs vary widely for Botox and Dysport procedures depending on several of factors including: where you live, the area being treated and the number of injections needed. Costs also vary greatly depending on the qualifications of the person who is administering the injections. $300 to $600 seems to be the average price for a procedure, but costs can easily add up to over $1,000 per treatment! Because Dysport is the less expensive than Botox, you can save hundreds of dollars per treatment by asking your physician if it is an option. These magic shots are not cheap, and remember, the effects only last 3-6 months. So, if you like what you see, prepare to pay a fortune over the years! Are you ready to have a Botox budget for the next 20 to 30 years? Before you say yes, do the math!

Free To Be You & Me

Deciding to get any cosmetic procedure is an incredibly personal decision. There is not a right or wrong answer when it comes to wanting to fight the signs of aging. However, it is extremely important to know the facts and to always put your safety and your health first. And remember, no matter how much you want to hold on to your youthful looks, it is not Fab & Fru to do any cosmetic procedure that you can’t afford. If you’re lucky enough to have the means, the educated choice is yours!

To read more about the differences between Botox and Dysport, the dangers of Botox parties, and the many risks of these injections, read the full article at Fabulous and Frugal. CLICK HERE.

Tell us in the comments: Would you consider Botox or Dysport? Why or why not?


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