The Key To Budgeting Willpower: 5 Savvy Ways To Make Saving Fun


Willpower Doesn’t Have To Work Alone.

5 Ways To Make Budgeting Fun

Willpower is the poor schmuck that gets blamed every time we take a bite of that donut or regret that shopping spree. Maybe it is willpower’s fault, maybe it isn’t, but there is plenty of research that offers new solutions to improve your self-discipline, reports the New York Times. For example, if you see withholding your willpower as a fun task rather than work, you’re more likely to stick with it. This means that if you’re setting fun budgeting goals, you’ll have higher chances of achieving them. Here are five ways you can make budgeting fun.

1. Put Your Plans To Paper

Writing out your budgeting goals and how you want to reach them can be fun and will give you a sense of achievement. Remember to add include rewards along with the goals, so you’ll have something to look forward to!

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Tell us in the comments: How do you make budgeting fun?

  • Josie

    It’s totally true that budgeting can be tedious and even disheartening sometimes. I’d love it if I could make my budget more fun! :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s more fun if I compare notes with girlfriends. Talking to my husband about it is necessary but tends to make it more stressful. Wine and budgets make it much more tolerable.

  • Ashley Burton

    I make it a game, see how much you can squeeze out of each category. Often shrinking the categories through my actions, I even sign a contract, i.e. I put my goals to paper and I sign them. I have tried the “envelope” and making sure my checkbook is balanced but with a click of a mouse I log into and see where I stand and adjust my categories accordingly. I love seeing those bar graphs and pie charts dividing my charges, with the color coding and being able to compare to last year or last month. So yeah, I am a financial nerd who has come out to play!